The Fed Difference


Fed up with meal time prep? Just because you're busy doesn't mean you want to compromise when it comes to food. FED has arrived to revolutionise your meal times with fresh and healthy, chef-prepared meals without the stress of food preparation.

Our freshly prepared meals are prepared daily by our team of chefs in the kitchen and are free from all that nasty stuff­.

All you need to do is decide which menu you’d like to order from and have the meals delivered straight to your door.

On our FED. Weekly or As You Go plan, you can select which meals you like, which means none of the stuff you don’t like and all of the stuff you do. We’ve even catered separately for the kids with our Yum Squad meals.

You can subscribe to a weekly box of our individual meals, our weekly Family Box plan, or just order from our As You Go service if you’re not into subscribing. 

The next part is simple, just heat it and eat it!

It's not a takeaway and it's not a meal kit. It's FED!


We want to support local business so we’ve chosen to partner with Kiwi farmers and food producers who specialise in seasonal, fresh and natural produce. All of our produce is high welfare and sustainably sourced.  For our customers that means you can rest assured that our food is fresh and nutritious, but also that in eating FED. meals you’re doing your bit to contribute to a sustainable and socially responsible food eco-system.

If you’d like to know more about our ingredients, please flick us an email on

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Like you, we hate unnecessary waste. So we’ve made it our aim to bring you our meals with the minimum of packaging. But we need your help.

FED. meals have been thoughtfully packaged in home compostable packaging with recyclable lids. The lids are clear so that you can see what’s inside. But WATCH OUT they are not heat proof. If you expose them to heat they will melt, just like your Mr Whippy on a hot day.

If you have a home composter you can put your trays in there. If not the packaging needs to be taken to an industrial composting facility. Sadly there is currently no council collection for these but those good folks at Z Energy has very helpfully put compostable bins in its gas stations, so next time you’re filling up, you can also drop off your old empties. Good eh.

The clear lids are made from virgin grade PET which is fully recyclable in NZ. You can put these in your kerbside or public recycling and it will be collected by your local recycler. 

The small clear containers used for condiments and herbs are made from plants, not oil and are certified commercially compostable – so pop them in a green bin NOT in the recycling. 

Inside the boxes is a layer of insulation called Woolcool, a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material that is made out of sheep’s wool. The best part about Woolcool is its recyclable, so please leave your Woolcool out for your delivery driver to collect when you get your next box and we’ll reuse it. 

Our Boxes

Unfortunately for health and safety reasons, we are unable to take returned FED. boxes.

You can recycle the boxes with your household recycling and leave your woolcool and ice packs out for us to collect when we deliver your meals.

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