Our Packaging


Like you, we hate unnecessary waste. So we’ve made it our aim to bring you our meals with the minimum of packaging. But we need your help.

FED. meals have been thoughtfully packaged in recyclable C-PET trays.


No one wants leaky food so we've taken the decision to move into new packaging. PET trays:

  •  Are recyclable (PET #1) and made from recycled materials;
  •  can be used in the microwave and oven;
  •  Are freezable down to -40°C;
  •  Seem to be pretty much damage resistant (yes, please!)

Believe us when we say we've put these trays through the wringer to test that they're up to the job.

Packaging is a journey and we've committed to continuing to find a solution that is fit for purpose and meets our sustainability values.



Unfortunately for health and safety reasons, we are unable to take returned FED. boxes.

You can recycle the boxes with your household recycling.



Inside the boxes is a layer of insulation called Woolcool, a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material that is made out of sheep’s wool. 

The polyethylene wrap on the ice packs is recyclable through Soft Plastics NZ and commercial recycling services. The wool can be recycled or put to many good uses from lagging pipes to insulating garden plants from the frost or as mulch! 


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