What are your top tips to keep taking care of yourself as a new mum? 

For me I prioritise exercise as this sets me is for a fantastic day mentally and is a non negotiable for me. It makes such a difference to my mental health.

Being prepared and planning the foods I am consuming and my meal prep for the week. If I know I have healthy DELISH meals ready to go (thank you FED) it means I don’t have low moods from not eating and I stay constant with energy.

Taking some time each day before Asher wakes to practise my gratitude, meditate and journal, this helps me process my emotions and allows me to be more present and a far happier more content mum.


What is a non-negotiable on your plate?

Protein! Keeps me fuller for longer 


What is your favourite protein ever?

I love prawns! 


What’s your favourite treat meal?

I love a good tofu don buri


What are your best tips for dealing with cravings?

I allow myself to enjoy foods I am feeling like, nothing is off limits. Try to eat balanced most of the time but always have room for less balanced items in my diet. 


What is your favourite FED. meal?



If you could describe FED. in one word, what would it be?

That is so hard!!!! Easy… but also tasty! Hahaha I couldn’t do it! 


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