Meet Cliff, Lisa and Julie. They are just like you, with busy lives and less time for cooking. But, they also have one thing in common….



... is an extrovert and has a full-on, non-stop life! However, he takes time to decide what to have for dinner and loves good food and company.

"I've chosen the speed and efficiency that FED. offers me. The food always tastes great, and I can spend my time elsewhere." 


...has a busy, fun and rewarding lifestyle. She enjoys exercising, caring for her family and friends, and thinks that eating well is essential for her wellbeing.

"FED. takes the pressure off me to prepare something nutritious and gives me back time".


... is a professional actress, and also works with ceramics. She enjoys going out for a ride in her new e-bike, looking after her grandchild and her daughter's dogs.

"We often want a quick, nutritious meal to keep up with our other activities."


Cliff, Lisa and Julie have different lifestyles but got their own personal chef to level up dinner and make life easier! They get FED. instead.