When you order FED, many of your problems will be sorted. You'll stop spending hours prepping food, you won't lose time traipsing around the supermarket, you'll satisfy all the tastebuds at home, and most importantly, you'll stop wasting food!


Get ready to discover why FED and the freezer will become your best allies to avoid food waste.


1. Check the meals that contain the snowflake icon, and if you are not ready to eat them, put them in the freezer to extend their life. Our freezer-friendly meals can last for up to three months there.

2. Defrost food overnight in the fridge, use it within 24 hours and heat it until it is piping hot. Food can be defrosted safely in the microwave if you need it quickly.

3. Please don't re-freeze. Once you have defrosted your FED. meals, eat as soon as possible.