Want to know how to make your prepared meal look and taste restaurant quality?

Find out how to plate like a pro with head chef Beckie's tips on how to make your FED. meals fancy as…



Check the recommended storage and heating instructions.

Rice and cous cous are best in the microwave but potatoes much tastier when crisped up in the oven.

Check whether the dish is recommended for freezing or not (look for the ❄️ on the label) and defrost thoroughly before heating.


Plating is key!

Choose a plate that will work for your dish. Curries and stews are great in a shallow bowl while meat and vegetable dishes work best on a standard plate


Season to taste.

Everyone's taste buds are a little different so add some more salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon or a sprinkling of fresh herbs or chilli to get your dish just as you like it.


Now for the final flourish!

Adding some fresh herbs, spring onions, chilli or even a small side salad is what will make your dish look like the real deal.



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