FED. Family 3 nights

FED. Family 3 nights

Subscribe to a box of three shared family meals delivered directly to your door, weekly or fortnightly. We deliver on a Sunday for busy week night meals or Thursdays for the weekend. Order now to take cooking stress out of your life!

  • Crispy sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice
  • Teriyaki chicken and asian noodles
  • Cheesy Pork lasagne with basil ragu
  • Steak and cheese hotpot with puff pastry topping
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Family friendly recipes

Meals that the whole family will enjoy with some extra herbs and spices for the grown ups to add themselves

Quality ingredients

We use only free range and high welfare ingredients from a small range of local producer partners.

Freshly prepared by real chefs

Our meals are prepared to order by a team of real chefs with no preservatives or factory processes

Delivered to your door

Delivered to your door on a Sunday or Thursday