Who's Cooking

If it’s not you, then you want to know who, right?

 Meet Beckie, our FED. Chef.  Beckie is quite handy in the kitchen.  After 25 years in professional kitchens she knows a thing or two about good food and nutrition. As a mum of two she scrutinizes everything, where it’s come from and how all the flavours work together. She’s one of those chefs who can look in the fridge, find three seemingly random ingredients and still come up with something delicious.

Beckie spends her days coming up with tasty dishes using the best local ingredients and packaging them all together to bring them to your kitchen table.

Which is why Beckie is our foodie, making good food for you, and she needs you, the Feddies, who love eating the good food but don’t always have the time to faff about making it.

(You don’t have to tell Beckie how delicious her food is, but if you really want to you can go right ahead here)